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MSF Solidarity

How do we raise awareness and support for women and families who may be suffering in silence? The campaign aimed to expand the perception of empowered women and highlight the different support channels available within the community.

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Actually, Not Really

The community’s growing awareness of mental health has been positive thus far, but stigma and preconceived notions continue to persist. There is a crucial need to educate the community about mental health and emphasise its importance in our well-being. How do we challenge these preconceived notions about mental health in the hopes of positioning mental health as an important aspect of our well-being?

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DBS NAV Planner: F-U Money

A street interview style video where we ask the public if they think they have f-you money. In narrow terms, it’s an amount of money they have saved up where they feel comfortable quitting their job. In collaboration with DBS NAV Planner

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