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‘Neko And Flies’, ‘Sweet Squad’ and ‘Bilbo’ Win Top Prizes at Juree Awards Asia 2023

Juree 2023 Award Ceremony set to shine brighter and more impactful, powered by TikTok

SINGAPORE, 8 DECEMBER – Juree Awards Asia 2023 announced top prizes for its inaugural film festival during its virtual ceremony on TikTok LIVE and Viddsee.com. The Gold Prize Winner is awarded to ‘Neko and Flies’ by Taiwanese filmmaker Shih-Han Tsao alongside the Silver Prize Winner going to ‘Sweet Squad’ by Haris Supiandi from Indonesia. ‘Bilbo’ by Rizza Joy Santiago from the Philippines took home the Grand Prize Award for Vertical Storytelling.

The Gold Prize Winner ‘Neko and Flies’, tells the story of an intellectually-challenged prostitute who lives in a dilapidated ship sheltered by kindhearted fisherman Chuang. 

The powerful narrative of this short film intertwines the challenges faced by a harbor guard, foreign fisherman, and a female sex worker, crafting a story that is both poignant yet warm. I would like to express my gratitude to Viddsee for showcasing my work on a global stage, allowing it to be embraced internationally.


‘Sweet Squad’ by Haris Supiandi for Juree Awards Asia 2023 – Silver Prize Award

The Silver Prize Award went to ‘Sweet Squad’ which portrays the journey of a teen sugar courier who risks his life between the borders of Indonesia and Malaysia to help make ends meet.

Part of the international judging panel is Tim Redford, Director of Curtocircuito Short Film Festival and Executive Director for Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival who shared that more on the quality of films for Juree 2023, “I was blown away by the overall quality of this year’s films at Viddsee’s Juree Awards Asia 2023. The quality of the projects is undeniable, the stories were strong, inspiring & well executed. The films from the Open Category certainly sheds light on the immense creativity of the area. It was therefore an honor to take part in this jury to help support talented filmmakers of the future on their journey.”



‘Bilbo’ by Rizza Joy Santiago for Juree Awards Asia 2023 – Grand Prize Award

The Vertical Storytelling category selected ‘Bilbo’ by Rizza Joy Santiago from the Philippines as the Grand Prize Winner. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, her film follows Carlo on his quest for happiness as the last man alive. Fortunately, before humanity’s extinction, a therapy robot named Bilbo was created, who accompanied Carlo on his mission. “This film is ingrained in my heart as a simple story that echoes what it means to pursue happiness. It is something that we all have to go through differently, yet again we all understand that the path will not be easy. I wish this film can give comfort to someone’s journey, for those fighting to find happiness and someone to fight with them,“ said Rizza Joy Santiago.

The partnership with TikTok has enabled this award to not only recognize but also promote the art of vertical storytelling. By celebrating creators who strive in this format, Juree is dedicated to inspiring the evolution of vertical content as an emerging and dynamic storytelling style among digital creators.

Our second Asia edition has proven to be incredibly rewarding, attracting a high volume of diverse, high-quality films from around the region. Juree was established not only to discover new and aspiring talents, but also to encourage and support creators on their content creation journey. The submitted films reflect a trend where today's filmmakers are using storytelling to shape perceptions, evoke emotions, and shed light on important social issues

The Audience Choice Awards for both the Open and Vertical Storytelling are won by Indonesian filmmakers. ‘Kinanthi’ by Philipus Maliobowo uncovers the intergenerational views of Indonesia’s education system and ‘A Shuttlecock For Tomorrow’ by Ryandira Rahardjo on a story of fallen lovers. Singapore’s ‘The Note’ by Jen Nee Lim was selected as the special mention film for its impeccable narrative in spotlighting the social stigma behind HIV. More information, images and stills about the winners of the Juree Awards Asia 2022 can be found hereFor more information about the Juree Awards Asia 2023, please visit https://jureeasia.viddsee.com


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