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Viddsee Partners with Risingjoy to Bring Popular Chinese Micro Dramas to Southeast Asia

Viddsee is thrilled to announce its partnership with Risingjoy, to introduce Chinese micro drama content to Southeast Asian audiences. 

Singapore, June 24, 2024 – Viddsee, Southeast Asia’s leading short form drama platform, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Risingjoy, a prominent Chinese content investment and licensing company, to introduce Chinese micro drama content to Southeast Asian audiences. This collaboration aligns with the growing global popularity of micro dramas, a trend that has seen remarkable reception in China and beyond.

Micro dramas, characterized by their concise narrative structure and engaging storylines, have become a cultural phenomenon in China and are increasingly gaining traction worldwide over the past two years. Notably, the market value of the micro-drama industry in China reached approximately US$5.3 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach up to USD$233 billion in 2028. As the leader in short form dramas, Viddsee is strategically positioned to bring these captivating micro films to Southeast Asia, expanding its diverse content offerings and catering to the evolving preferences of regional audiences.

“With over 10 years of experience in short form content, Viddsee has honed its expertise in understanding and delivering what audiences crave,” said Ricky Ow, Board of Directors at Viddsee. “The growth of micro dramas, coupled with Viddsee’s expanding capabilities as a studio and platform, ensures that they are uniquely positioned to lead in this emerging entertainment format and excel”.

Since 2022, Viddsee has been producing original vertical microseries, resulting in a significant uptick in viewership and engagement on the platform, thus affirming the rising trend of micro dramas. This partnership with Risingjoy is expected to accelerate this momentum by presenting selected Chinese micro drama titles to Southeast Asian viewers while initiating cooperative production ventures in the region.


This is a tremendous opportunity to bring rich and diverse Chinese content to Southeast Asia. Viddsee's studio and extensive network of creators, the largest in Southeast Asia, also makes them an ideal partner to facilitate localisation of such micro dramas in the region. We look forward to solidifying our competitiveness and sustainable growth in this dynamic content landscape

We are excited to partner with Risingjoy to bring fresh and engaging content to our audiences. This collaboration marks the beginning of several such partnerships, through which we aim to diversify our content offerings and maintain our leadership in the short form drama space

The first set of Chinese micro drama titles is slated for release on Viddsee in the second half of 2024. Further details will be shared in the coming months, highlighting the exciting new content and collaborative projects to come.

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